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New Logo & New Corporate Image

25 Feb 2015

Dear Customer,

META hereby informs you that the Company has decided to evolve a completely renewed style of communication.

It is a crucial change for us, that aims at stating once again META’s attitude towards change; an evolution that finds its basis into the full recognition of our roots.

In compliance with this new Vision, META introduces a new Corporate logo that will distinguish all the elements of our Product Range and the support documents.

We chose the correlation with the Diamond.

In the collective unconscious the Diamond is seen as the most precious uniqueness, an icon META has represented so far with the distinctive quality and exclusive features of its products.

The Diamond is the reference model in the world of craftsmanship and technological progress, traits that META has been able to combine and express.

As you might see, this is deeply motivating for us, and we are sure it will prove to be so for anyone who will honor us by choosing to share with META the path that stands out in our future.

From March 4th 2015 new graphics will permeate any aspect of the Company Identity expression, thus involving a significant update of our current product range packaging; a portfolio that will see the introduction of new elements in March 2015.

The new Corporate Image aims at communicating the focus for META to improve the synergy with its Commercial Partners, a key factor in developing an even more prominent position on the Market.



Corrado Saverio Parmigiani, CEO and President



Palate bone harvesting: preliminary evaluation

10 Oct 2013

The aim of this study is to evaluate a new technique of intraoral harvesting from palatal area, that allows to solve many maxillary atrophic problems without a second surgical donor site.

by Andrea Grassi

Download PDF

Grafting autologus cortical bone in regenerative therapy: preliminary histological evidence

10 Oct 2013

Autologous bone is still held to be the best grafting material in regenerative therapy.

The authors of this study present preliminary histological evidence of ridge augmentation with pre-implant GBR, Sinus Grafting (SG) and bone preservation techniques in post-extraction sites (PES) without membranes, using only 100% autologous cortical bone grafts harvested intraorally.

by Ugo Consolo, Vittorio Ferri, Ferdinando D’Avenia, Davide Zaffe

Download PDF .

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