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Ostwill system, indicated for soft bone treatment, uniquely combines an increase in bone density of the bone-implant contact and an increase in the thickness of the alveolus.


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Atraumatic osteotomy
The Ostwill system does not involve the use of a mallet, which is always traumatic for the patient. The two special torque spanners reduce the risk of bone fractures, control the compressive stresses on the bone, possible cause of necrosis, and facilitate the use of threaded osteotomes in posterior areas.

Moreover they allow to check the bone tissue for quality and consistency during the surgery.
The red spanner is indicated when the thickness of the alveolar ridge is more then 6mm or in presence of a particularly hard bone.

Gradual control of the ridge expansion
The thickness of the ridge increases in a controlled, progressive way in soft bone.The screw tapered osteotome, the specific design of the threads and its incremental effect both compress and expand the implant site.

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Increase in bone density
Bone compression provides a better initial adjustment of the trabecular bone and increased bone-implant contact with an increase in bone density.
In vitro tests on sheep trabecular bone show increased bone – implant contact. (picture on the left side) implant placed after an osteotomy drills, (picture on the right side) . implant placed after Ostwill system.


Simple and safe surgical technique
Ostwill system uses probes, which control the screwing depth to 10-11.5-13 and 15mm avoiding for the surgeon the risks due to the visual evaluation.

Increase in the primary stability of the implant
This shows an increase in the initial stability of the implant during the healing process, resulting in an improvement of the reparative process. During bone compression, the micro-fractured trabeculas are lateralised; this leads to an increase in bone density, followed by intensive, above-normal osteogenetic activity.
The Ostwill system improves the new minimally invasive techniques for flapless implant placement



It can be used with different implant systems
Ostwill system can be used with most of the cylindrical and tapered threaded implants.

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