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At last, soft bone will be treated like hard bone

Ostwill system, indicated for soft bone treatment, uniquely combines an increase in bone density of the bone-implant contact and an increase in the thickness of the alveolus.

The system is composed of seven re-sterelizable osteotome, in titanium alloy with a tapered screw design, incremental in diameter and disposable accessories: seven depth probes with marking at 8-10-11.5-13 and 15 mm and two different torque spanners which provide, while screwing,  the minimal invasivity on the bone and the atraumaticity for the patient.


Features & Benefits

  • Atraumatic osteotomy

  • Increase in bone density

  • Gradual control of the ridge expansion

  • An indication of the bone quality in the implant site

  •   Increase in the primary stability of the implant




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