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The evolution goes on!
The unique features of SMARTACT evo enable the clinician to improve and simplify the aspects regarding fixing the membrane in the precision of the surgical operation, in access to all areas of the oral cavity and in the reduction of surgical times.

The introduction of SMARTACT evo mechanical handpiece and the SMARTACT PIN evo titanium tacks revolutionizes the procedures and the traditional manual instruments used in regenerative oral surgery.


● Mechanical, ergonomic and balanced handpiece,small pedal
● Lightweight and easy to carry (max 980 gr.)
● Cable of three different lengths
● Absolute stability of the pin during positioning phase
● Silent with greater comfort for the patient
● Excellent access to every hard-to-reach area
● Easy to use and reduction of surgical times
● Different type of tacks according to bone density
● Tacks already sterile and ready to use
● Adjustable insertion force
● Reduction of risk factors
● Compressed air device



The new exclusive design of SMARTACT PIN evo allows absolute safety when inserting the tack on the handpiece. It gives great stability upon positioning on the bone and an axial insertion, facilitating the fixing of the membrane in every situation and hard-to-reach area. SMARTACT PIN evo SLIM is particularly suitable to use in dense mandibular bone.
The tacks are available in 4 different sizes, with retention and without retention, with flat head and standard head, to satisfy every clinical and aesthetic need.
The tacks are sterile and ready to use.

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