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The new proposal by META about membrane stabilization.

The new mechanically actuated handpiece Smartact and the new bone tacks Smartact pin replace the customary bone tack kits.



–          Mechanically actuated handpiece

–          Foot pedal actuation

–          Easy use

–          The ergonomic tip allows the surgeon to access hard-to-reach areas

–          Maximum degree of precision in the application of the bone tack

–          Fine adjustment of the striking force

–          Increased patient’s comfort

–          Fully autoclavable tip

–          Reduces surgical time


Smartact pin

Our titanium bone tack, combined with the application system Smartact, ensures the best performance in membrane stabilization procedures.

The materials and the exclusive design allow:

–          Great positioning in any kind of alveolar ridge

–          High resistance and no sign of bending or fracture

–          Precise and stable connection with the handpiece

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