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The new Patent by META: All-in-one, from the harvesting to the grafting.

Meta’s product range, born in 2001 with the introduction of Safescraper and Micross is subject to an important renewal thanks to the introduction of the new Smartscraper, a patented instrument featuring a bone cutting blade and a syringe for the graft of the bone curls, all in one single instrument.




Allows the user to have in a single instrument both the bone-cutting blade and the grafting syringe.



Thanks to the minimal overall dimensions of the tip (3mm), it allows to graft bone curls during trans-crestal sinus lift procedures, as well as in hard-to-reach bone defects.



The dual-purpose instrument allows to reduce the surgical time connected to the use of the customary techniques and instruments.


 Minimally invasive

The manual bone harvesting techniques, made possible by our cortical bone collectors, feature low morbidity and are well tolerated by patients.



Allows to collect small grafts as well as bigger ones, directly from any potential intraoral donor site, even from close-to-the-defect areas.



The amount of collected bone graft can cover any surgical need, giving the possibility to avoid the use of any other bone substitute.


Ready to use

Disposable device, proposed in sterile blister pack. Given the wholeness of the packaging, the sterility is guaranteed for 3 years.


The disposable semicircular blade: advantages


–          Maximum cutting efficiency

–          Reduces the time allotted for the bone harvesting procedure

–          160° round blade edge

–          The collected graft features an optimal ratio  between size and thickness of the bone curls

–          Effective on any kind of bone surface (plane, concave, convex)

–          Ensures excellent control during the harvesting procedure

–          Avoids any potential contamination due to use

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