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Product features:

• 316L stainless steel guide, dulled by brushing to prevent any reflections from lamps

• Ideal reference point for the pillar to be applied, with pre-angling realised by laser marking the tilt inclination (0°, 17°, 30°).

• Excellent modelling capacity for adapting to the curvature of the upper and lower crests.

• Bevelled corners to prevent trauma to flaps.

• Screw register for blocking the tilt angle of the guide after modelling.

The Straight and Tilted surgical guide is the ideal instrument for effective and precise preparation in total implant rehabilitation using the “All-on-four” and “ All-on-six” method.

The guide is made of non-reflective brushed stainless steel with excellent modelling capacity for adapting to the curvature of the upper and lower crests, with bevelled corners to prevent trauma to the flaps, and with a 2-mm diameter central pin, identical to the diameter of the depth cutters used in all implant methods

The laser-cut black lines with the ideal tilt references for the cutting guide, 17 and 30 degrees, together with the straight front lines, make this an indispensable instrument for professionals performing advanced implantology in their own surgeries, and a fundamental guide for performing a cut in full respect of the inclination required in implantology with tilted implants.

With this guide, light reflection from surgical lamps, inevitable with polished steel guides, is prevented; the markings are clear on both sides, whether cutting into the maxilla or the mandible, and the cutter tilt is not left to the ability of the surgeon but is clearly indicated on the guide.

The Straight & Tilted Surgical Guide is an indispensable instrument for making an otherwise complex surgical operation simple.

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