META offers the Customer all its considerable know-how and its widely proven technological skills, for the design and realization of medical devices and special parts based on the customer’s specifications.


META’s notable experience allows the company to play an active role in the process of design and implementation of the project. This proactive approach permits both META and the Customer to define unique, functional and innovative solutions, based on a thorough system of analysis about the specific needs of the customer.
META takes pride in ensuring the highest standards from the very first outline of the project to its complete manufacturing implementation. The company is the proud holder of the most advanced automation technologies, both in the technical office and in the manufacturing process areas.
META is always able to provide specific technical support, thus giving the opportunity to the Customer to face complex and articulated projects through an effective mix of cutting-edge technology and long experience.
META listens to the Customer, and enables him/her to transform his/her ideas into reality by offering knowledge, confidence and competence in all the phases of the product realization and final commercialization.


For the creation of a Customer’s branded line of products, META is equipped to provide any kind of technical and commercial support in the areas below:

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Laser marking
  • Realization of the finished product
  • Functional Laboratory testing
  • Sterilization of the product
  • Drawing up of technical datasheet
  • Compilation of product’s primary and secondary packaging with related informational material

META prides itself in the long and fruitful collaborations it has shared with important companies from the medical field. These partnerships have led to the realization of an array of high technology PVC and steel tubes, currently used in ophthalmology and dentistry, as well as in general surgery for the delivery of biomaterials and other substances, such fluids aimed at the prevention of post –treatment adhesion.

We can provide customized medical cannulas made out of steel and plastic, specifically designed and developed by our R&D department.
Through its injection molding division, META is able to provide the Customer also with the special plastic parts he/she wants to see attached to the finished product.
Whenever required, META supplies its OEM products in a sterile blister packaging, suitable for ETO – Gamma – Beta – Steam sterilization process.
The sterilization processes META proposes to its Customer are validated according to the standards.

Please see below some features concerning our OEM cannulas portfolio.


Steel cannulas:
– Available in AISI 304 – AISI 304L – 316L Steel
– Cannula’s thickness range: from 0.05 to 0.5 mm .
– Cannula’s outer diameter range: minimum 0.5 mm – maximum 5.0 mm .
– The ends of the Cannula are completely burr-free and can be appropriately machined
– Laser marking available
– Assembly via ultrasonic welding molding (overmolding) and via the application of glue available


Plastic cannulas :
– Available in PVC – EVA – PP – PE – PSU – PTFE
– The ends of the Cannulae are burr-free and can be appropriately machined
– Laser marking available
– Assembly via ultrasonic welding molding (overmolding) and via the application of glue available

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